The Solgum products are suited for use in non-woven and glass fibre fabric applications.
Solam biopolymers contribute to improved retention, strength and printability for wet-laid materials. They also decrease the deformation and increase the stiffness on carrier material for bitumen membranes.
The over-all benefit is improved strength and decreased costs when exchanging latex for a biopolymer-based binder in the Solgum range.
The Solgum range can be used successfully in systems based on natural or synthetic fibres, for example in wet-laid, dry-laid and spun-bond process.

Our product range includes the following product types:

    potato starch derivatives which comprises low to high-viscosity starches with excellent viscostability and film-forming properties

    potato starch derivatives which comprises low to high-viscosity anionic starches with good film-forming and water retention properties
The Solgum products are delivered as cook-up product.
Solam has solid skills and expertise in non woven and glass fibre fabric applications and we stand ready to recommend a suitable product for your system.