Solam – an international market player focusing on the European market with particular emphasis on the German and Nordic market areas. Here we operate and cover the market with our own skilled and experienced people, both commercially as well as our custumer care service to answer technical questions. For other geographic areas in Europe we cooperate with local representatives that have comprehensive experience of the market and business in the respective countries and also a long history of cooperation with our products as earlier partners of our parent companies.    

The bundling of synergies of our parent companies production locations brings many advantages. Logistics can be optimised through intelligent use of the infrastructure. The supply situation is coordinated on a location basis, which means time and cost savings for customers. The integration of our experienced sales teams facilitates an effective and solution-orientated advice and customer care service. For the continental market area our sales and technical teams are located in Germany, Emlichheim and at home offices to be as close to our customers as needed. These teams are also in charge of technical and commercial support to our representatives on these markets. The Nordic market teams are located in Kristianstad, Sweden, where our R&D is located. The Nordic teams also support our representatives in other market areas, for example Russia.