Solam biopolymers, brand name Solgum, contributes to
  • improved strength for non-wovens and glass fabrics i
  • mproved retention, strength and printability for wet-laid materials
  • decreased deformation and increased stiffness on carrier material for bitumen membranes
  • increased profit for non-wovens and glass fabrics.
Solam’s products for nonwoven and glass fabric can be used successfully in systems based on natural or synthetic fibres, for example in wet-laid, dry-laid and spun-bond processes.

Solgum is applied as a liquid binder solution. In the case of a partial latex replacement the biopolymer solution and the latex dispersion is mixed into a homogenous binder before application.

The exact choice of product depends on the customer’s demand and has to be recommended individually by our Solam team.
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